Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Hello, everyone! I’m back, with an update on my life!

·        After a week of not working on Breaking Chains, I finally decided (with some help from my family) that if I wasn’t interested in writing it at the moment, I wasn’t going to write anything I liked. So, since I know that there’s no way I won’t write it, I’d wait until I wanted to write it to work on it more.
·        What am I writing instead? The answer to that is a new novel about two teens who end up falling into another world when a summer trip takes a wrong turn. This novel is an idea that I’ve been playing around with since October, when one of my sister’s writing assignments gave me the idea for a random scene. However, I hadn’t figured out enough details to actually start on it until the 17th, when a few final pieces fell into place and it was ready to be written. It’s going very well, though my main character, a girl named Lani, probably wouldn’t agree since she’s currently in need of rescue.
·        On Friday, December 16, our Bible Study had a potato bar, ice cream bar, and Christmas play. I had a lot of fun, and enjoyed both the food and hanging out with my friends. The Christmas play also went well, though I don’t think I’ve ever heard King Herod played with a British accent.
·        I’m very excited for Christmas and the Christmas Eve service at our church tonight. I’m also glad that the sore throat I had all last week went away and that I found my parents’ Christmas cards, which I put in a drawer and then forgot where they were. However, since I did find them, and I finished all my Christmas shopping, I can relax.

Well, that’s about it. Thanks for stopping by. Merry Christmas, everyone!

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