Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Angel's Command Review

Author: Brian Jacques
"Master storyteller Brian Jacques is back at the helm with a double adventure: a perilous sea chase followed by a gripping escapade in the mountains of France!

Ben and his Labrador, Ned, castaways from the legnedary ghost ship Flying Dutchman, swore never to go to sea again- but a mishap in South America lands them aboard a French pirate ship with not one, but two vilainous sea captains in persuit. To make matters worse, Ben is still haunted by visions of Captain Vanderdecken, whose ghost seeks vengeance on the former cabin boy.

A daring chase through the shakr-filled waters of the Caribbean ends on the coast of France . . . from where a new adventure begins!

Ben and Ned flee the Pyrenees, where, with a new troup of friends, they find themselves confronting bandit gypsies, evil sorcery, even an avalanche!"
-Summary from the cover of The Angel's Command
  Characters: Excellent! Ben and Ned return, and they bring a whole host of colorful new friends and enemies, from the pirate captain Raphael Thuron to the British privateer Cap’n Redjack, from the strangely gifted artist Dominic to the evil Razan queen Maguda, and many, many more! Like the previous book, fans of Brian Jacques will be reminded of characters from the Redwall series in many places.

Location: Ok. It’s clear and well done, but I didn’t find it particularly spectacular.

Plot: Like Castaways, The Angel’s Command contains two adjoining plots, both of which take place between the second and third part of Castaways. The first is a swashbuckling pirate tale, and the second is a no-less-exciting adventure in the mountains of France. Both plots are exciting and well done, with plenty of action and a nice amount of humor.

Other: The Angel’s Command is, in my opinion, the best book in the series. It’s definitely a book worth reading. However, some people may be disturbed by the appearances of Captain Vanderdecken.

Overall Rating: 4/5

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