Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Sacrifice Part Two

Hi, everyone! Sorry for not posting a picture yesterday. I got so distracted by certain other things that I completely forgot. I will post a picture, as well as a review, tomorrow. Also, I will be posting a picture this Friday as well, and posting my usual update on my life on Monday.

Part Two
Matthias froze when they rounded the last corner and found the source of all the noise. No .  . . it can’t be! A crowd had gathered along the sides of the street, and they were jeering at a man being led down the center of the road. This, however, was not what shocked him. He had seen these harsh processions many times, and when he was younger and wilder, he had been a part of many such crowds. No, what hit Matthias like a punch to the gut was the man who was being led down the road, a man who had been Matthias’s dearest friend over the past months. Great King, no! It can’t be! This man was not an ordinary man. He was the Prince of Peace, the Son of the Great King. This cannot be happening! The Prince of Peace came to save us, to give us a way back to the Great King! He remembered how he had heard of people healed by the Prince of Peace; people brought back from the dead; hopeless people given hope.
            Abbie’s voice, small and frightened, broke into Matthias’s thoughts. “Papa? Why is everyone shouting at the Prince? You and He both said that He came to help us.”
            Matthias looked back at his daughter’s worried face. I can’t let her find out what’s happening. She’s too young, too innocent. He glanced back at the figure of the Prince of Peace, noticing the soldiers prodding Him, the blood streaming down his flogged back. The Elders’ work. I should’ve guessed. They’ve never liked Him. Suddenly, he wheeled his horse around. “Come on, Abbie. We’d better get home. I think a storm is coming.” He barely restrained himself from spurring his horse to a gallop, but couldn’t resist a canter. Behind him, he heard the sound of Abbie urging her pony on. I cannot let her see what is sure to happen.
            When the two arrived back at their home, Matthias sent Abbie inside, saying “Go in and find your mama, sunshine.” As soon as she entered the house, he turned his horse and sped away once more. I have to go find out what’s happening!

What is going on? To find out, check back Thursday! I apologize again for forgetting the picture yesterday. I’ll do my best to not let it happen again.

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