Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rosa Chapter Nineteen and Epilogue

Hello, all! I hope everyone’s ready to read the next chapter of Rosa, because I’m posting it now! If you need a refresher, here’s Chapter Eighteen! And without further ado, Chapter Nineteen!

 Chapter Nineteen
At that same moment, Queen Leila was deep in conversation with Cullen. “Cullen,” she asked, “Are there any who are a danger to me?”
            Cullen hissed “Aye, my queen, there are those who would have you brought down from the throne right outside your door.”
            Leila gasped. “Do you mean my guards? I thought-”
            Cullen hissed once more, cutting Leila off. “Nay, not the guards. There are others.”
            Leila started to ask “Then who?” but the question died on her lips as her door and a tall, kingly man strode in. “Leila,” he declared, “Your time for evil is at an end.”
            Leila’s already pale face got even paler. “Who are you?” she asked her voice high and shrill.
            “I am Lord Alanal, eldest in the elven clan of Allë.” he said.
            At this, an angry look came over Leila’s face. “Guards!” she shouted, but no guards came. Instead, a smaller man, dressed in black appeared in front of her, his hand on the hilt of a dagger. 
 “I’m afraid your guards won’t be coming for some time. They apparently decide that it was time for their afternoon nap. I may have helped the process along, but they’ll wake up in a few hours I’m sure.” He said.
“Who are you?” Leila asked.
“Panthal, warrior of the Allë clan.” he replied. Then, he caught sight of the mirror in her hand, with Cullen’s face still in it, and he gasped. “Cullemanden!” he whispered, and turned to the others, who had come crowding through the door. “It is a Cullemanden! We may have been mistaken!” He turned back to Leila. “Where did you get this?” he asked.
“A man gave it to me one day. He said it would help me.” Leila’s tone was defensive. “And it has! I’m now queen!”
Lady Clarellë looked sadly at Leila. “He was harming you more than helping you. The mirror warns you of threats, correct?” Leila nodded, and Lady Clarellë continued. “Many of the threats were not threats at all, but instead people who wouldn’t have harmed you. He was trying to get you and all the royal family killed so he could emerge from the mirror and take over the throne.”
Leila’s face turned purple with rage. “No!” she cried. “Cullen would never do that! He says I’m beautiful! He said that no one would harm me if he could prevent it!” She tried to rush to the door, but found her way blocked. She turned and tried to reach the small window, but then she tripped. The mirror cracked, and a fiery smoke emerged, filling the room. Everyone except Leila rushed for cover. There was a loud boom, and the room shook. Then, the smoke cleared. Leila and the mirror were gone.
Rosa was the first to speak. “What happened?”
Lord Alanal shook his head sadly. “The mirror cracked, and the spirit within could not survive, but it took Leila with it.”
Everyone was silent for a minute, and then Skyellë asked “So what happens now?”
Prince Owen answered her, his voice quiet. “We make things right.” 
And now, since there’s only the short epilogue left, I’ll post that too.

Well, they did make things right. After some dispute, it was decided that Prince Owen would rule until there was time to sort out who was the rightful ruler. And he, with the help of Mandy, Rosa, and the Allë clan, did his best to right Leila's wrongs. Those who were unjustly imprisoned were set free, and anything else that could be done was done.
After this process finally came to an end, something wonderful happened. Prince Owen and Rosa told each other how they felt. They were married on the anniversary of Rosa’s healing, the healing that was brought about by love. The day later became a national holiday in that land. Their marriage also solved the problem of who was the rightful ruler. Together, they ruled as king and queen, and they were known even beyond their kingdom for their great kindness.    
As for Mandy, she was offered a position of high prestige. She, however, refused. Instead, she chose to remain as cook, for she had discovered that she loved that job. She stayed in the kitchen for the rest of her days, and made Aren Castle famous for its plum pies and was always ready with advice and sugar cookies for those who needed them. And, whenever Rosa felt that being queen was too much pressure, she’d go down to the kitchen to see Mandy. Owen would find her several hours later cuddling with Mandy and eating sugar cookies, and all the kitchen servants suspected that he was the only king who had to ask the cook if he could “please have his wife back?”
And what of the elves? Well, they returned to their home in the forest and lived there happily for ages upon ages. However, they remained honored guests at the castle, and Rosa, Owen, and Mandy were always welcome in their clearing. And so, I guess you could say that everyone really did live happily ever after.

Well, Queen Leila and Cullen are both gone, Rosa and Owen are together, and everyone can finally relax. So, what did you think? You can tell me in the comments, or in the survey that I’ll be putting up soon. Please don’t forget to vote in my other surveys too!


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