Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Knight's Quest Part One

Hello, everyone! It’s me, Sarah, with the first part of a tale! This is part of Knight’s Quest, otherwise known as The Story That Started It All, since writing this story was what really got me into writing, especially writing fantasy. So, without further ado, here is Knight’s Quest: Part One

Knight’s Quest
Our tale begins in a land far away, and many years ago. It is evening, and the castle inhabitants are excited, for the castle tale - teller has promised to speak tonight . . .
            Lady Aleta Dragondae, the warrior-bardess, walked swiftly though the castle passages. Her sword, a long rapier called ‘Light’ clanked against her side. She took her sword everywhere, for she was a Swordmaiden, or lady knight, though her tales were as ready as her sword. But, tonight, she was a bardess, or storyteller, and she was quite happy about it. She loved telling tales, and tonight, she had a special one planned. She arrived in the grand castle hall just after sunset. She took her seat on a wooden chair, the one she had specially requested be put there, and pushed her long, brown hair back from her face. Her long, rose colored gown that she was wearing over her lightweight chain mail rustled softly as she settled into a comfortable position. She looked at her hundreds of eager listeners and grinned. It seemed like everyone in the castle had come to hear her speak. So, she began.
“Sir William was the best knight in all the land, and was King Jonathan of Alitene’s champion knight. He had been on more quests and rescued more fair maidens than any of the other knights. He was handsome, smart, brave, and very gentlemanly. He was always polite and helpful to ladies, and he never hesitated to help others. So, whenever a quest came up that Sir William thought he could accomplish, he volunteered for it. Of course, the quests weren’t always things that he could do alone. So, sometimes Sir William would be part of a team. Whenever he could, he would bring along Sir Walter, who was his best friend, and any other young knights whose skills were well developed, but who were relatively unknown. That is, if they wanted to come. Sir William never forced anyone to come with him. However, there was rarely a person who didn’t want to come. Sir William was the most famous knight in the land. In fact, there was only one person, other than King Jonathan, who was as famous as Sir William. That was Princess Ariana.
            Princess Ariana was the only child of King Jonathan. She was smart, pretty, athletic, and one of the best sword handlers in the entire land of Alitene. Everyone in the land loved her, that is, everyone except the villains she had discovered making trouble and defeated. That made her a prime target for any enemies of King Jonathan who wanted to weaken him, and one enemy in particular. That was Miran, the evil, black dragon who wanted King Jonathan, his family, and all his knights and their families dead.
            Miran gazed out the window of his dark keep, scowling. He glared in the direction of one of the largest cities, Antuindia, the capitol city of Alitene, ruled by Jonathan, the king who had kept Miran off the throne for so long. But, Miran thought, he would overcome Jonathan, and rule the land, and he had a plan to do it. No one would stop him. No one.

        What is Miran’s plan? Will he succeed in taking the throne of Antuindia? To find out, check back Thursday, when I’ll post Part Two of this tale. Also, check back tomorrow for a review of Wayne Thomas Batson’s latest book, The Sword in the Stars.

Update: Click here for the part two of Knight's Quest! 

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