Thursday, January 20, 2011

Knight's Quest Part Two

Hello, all! Ready for more of Knight’s Quest? Well, if you are, you’re in luck, because I’m posting part two today! Are you new, and therefore haven’t read part one? If so, click here for part one. Then you can continue onto today’s part!

King Jonathan and his knights were enjoying a peaceful (and delicious) dinner. Suddenly, the doors of the dining hall burst open and one of the messenger-scouts ran in. Everyone looked up in surprise at seeing someone rush in like this. The man gasped for breath. “The prin-“he broke off, coughing. Sir Walter jumped up and gave the man some water. “What is it? What’s wrong?” he asked.
            The messenger gasped out “The Princess Ariana . . . she’s missing!”
            “What do you mean she is missing?” demanded King Jonathan. “She can’t be missing. I just checked her room ten minutes ago, before we sat down to dinner.”
            “I do not know how, m’lord.” said the messenger. “I only know that she is.” And with that, he fainted from exhaustion.
            Though King Jonathan and his knights tried to keep Princess Ariana’s disappearance quiet, they were not successful. The news was soon known throughout Antuindia, and it caused instant uproar throughout the city. No one had any clue about her mysterious disappearance – until Alexander, who was the Royal Librarian and Record Keeper, found something very interesting in one of his record books.
            “Your majesty,” began Alexander, who was presenting his information to King Jonathan, “Does the name ‘Miran’ mean anything to you?”
            “Miran? Isn’t that the name of that huge, mythological dragon who’s the villain in half the stories the bards around here tell?” replied King Jonathan.
             “Huge, yes; Villain, yes; Dragon, yes; but Mythological, no. He was one of your father’s greatest friends, and later, one of his greatest enemies. He was your father’s most trusted advisor, but when your father announced that you had been born and would be his heir, Miran turned treacherous. He tried to murder both you and your father, but was found out. Rather than face judgment, he ran away and established his own castle on the edge of the land. Everyone thought he was dead and gone about fifty years ago, but now it looks like he’s back.”
That night, King Jonathan gathered his knights, explained the situation, and asked them what they thought should be done. There was a loud clamor as knights shouted their ideas and argued with each other. Suddenly, King Jonathan slammed the butt of his scepter onto the stones of the hall floor. “QUIET!” he yelled. “Now,” he continued in a more reasonable tone, “We’ll hear from you one at a time, please. Sir Lewis, we’ll hear from you first.” An older knight with short salt and pepper hair and beard and sharp brown eyes stepped forward.
            “Your majesty,” he began, “it seems that Miran has us in a stalemate. We must rescue the princess, for she cannot be left in his clutches, but at the same time, we cannot attack Miran’s castle, for he has a great horde, and will likely kill most of us, and the princess if we attack. As for asking a knight to attempt this alone, it is by far too dangerous. I have nothing more to say.” And with that, Sir Lewis sat back down.
            Instantly, a hubbub arose from the crowd as they began shouting and arguing once more. And, once more, King Jonathan was forced to call for quiet. But this time, no one stood up to speak, for no one had any ideas.
But suddenly, a voice came from the depths of the crowd. “I will go.” it said. Everyone gasped. It was Sir William speaking! “I will go.” he repeated. “I ask that no one come with me except it be of their own free will. I will take only one, for this will be dangerous, and I will not risk the lives of more.” He thought back to his last quest, when a plan he had concocted, a plan for many young knights, had failed, and almost all of them had been killed. I cannot let that happen again!  he thought.
Silence. Then, another voice. “I will come with you, William.” It was Sir Walter. For once, his curly brown hair was not bouncing in silent laughter as he moved, and his brown eyes, which were usually laughing, were serious. Dead serious. “I can’t let you go alone, William,” he said. “You’ll need someone to watch your back.”
            “Very well.” replied William, and they both looked at King Jonathan, silently asking his permission.
King Jonathan thought for a moment, and then said “Yes. You may go. But be careful!”

What will happen to Princess Ariana? Will William and Walter be able to rescue her, or will Miran emerge victorious? You’ll find out soon, when the story continues in Part Three of Knight’s Quest! In the meantime, please comment! I’d love to hear what you think of my writing!

Update: For part three, click here

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