Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Knight's Quest Part Three

Hello, all! I'm back once more, with part three of Knight's Quest! Ready? Read on! Not read parts one and two? Well, click here for part one and here for part two. 

Part Three
William and Walter left Castle Alitene and the city of Antuindia in the early morning, before anyone else was awake. They traveled West in the direction of Miran’s fortress for two days. They traveled carefully, but quickly, stopping only to eat and sleep, for they were crossing open plains. On the evening of the third day, they caught sight of a forest. “What forest is that?” wondered Sir William.
            “I probably knew at some point in my life,” said Sir Walter, “But right now I’m too tired to remember. Let’s make camp here and I’ll tell you in the morning.
            “Alright.” said Sir William, and they made camp. After they finished their dinner of bread and cheese, they crawled into their tents to get some rest. They were asleep before their heads hit the pillows.
            The next day, Sir William and Sir Walter awoke to a warm morning. They broke camp, after eating a breakfast of dried fruit and bread. They had ridden for ten minutes toward the forest before either spoke.
“Shaftwood.” said Sir Walter.
            “What did you say?” inquired Sir William.
“Shaftwood. That’s the name of the forest we’re approaching.” replied Walter.
            “Oh.” spoke William. “Isn’t that forest rumored to be haunted?”
            “Yeah,” answered Walter, “But that’s just an old legend. Besides,” he added nervously, looking behind him, “We have other things to worry about besides ghosts. Much more dangerous things.”
            “You mean Miran?” questioned William.
            “No.” replied Walter “I mean the scynths chasing us!”
            The two knights spurred their horses to a gallop, but the venom spitting, winged–snake like scynths were gaining on them! Suddenly, the scynths shot two streams of extremely poisonous and acidic saliva at the two knights. William and Walter ducked simultaneously, and the jets hit their horses, killing the poor beasts instantly. The two knights jumped off their horses and ran for the woods. They ran for about ten more feet once inside, then came to a roaring river. They were trapped!
            “What now?” shouted Walter, frantically.
            “I don’t know!” yelled back William, just as frantically. Suddenly a rope dropped in front of them. “Grab on!” a voice shouted. They did so, and were pulled up into a treetop city. They looked into the face of their rescuer and gasped.

What will happen now? Who had rescued William and Walter? Will William and Walter make it to Miran's fortress and rescue Princess Ariana, or have they just gotten out of the frying pan and into the fire? Check back Thursday to find out! While you wait, please comment and tell me what you think! I always welcome comments!

Update: Part Four is posted! Includes never-before-seen content! 

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