Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sword in the Stars Reveiw

Author: Wayne Thomas Batson
"Haunted by memories of a violent past, Alastair Coldhollow wagers his life on the hope that a sword will appear in the stars and the foretold Halfainin, the Pathwalker, would come. Meanwhile, tensions simmer between Anglinore and the murderous Gorrack Nation, threatening war on a cataclysmatic scale. The fate of all could rest on an abandoned child and the decisions of those who desperately seek to identify him." - Summary from the cover of The Sword in the Stars
Characters: Pretty good. The names were a little confusing, and I lost track of which characters where which in a few spots. Also, Mr. Batson accidentally resurrected a character in one spot. However, the different races were intriguing, and I’d like to learn more about them. Alastair is a little annoying in spots, but overall he is fairly likeable.

Location: Interesting, but a little confusing. I would’ve liked more details, and a map would’ve been greatly appreciated. Also, what exactly is the name of the world?

Plot: Complex. There are a lot more mini-plots, subplots, arguments, and whatnot than I’m used to noticing. However, the overall plot is very good, and the smaller stuff does not detract from it.

Other: I read this book and was startled and amazed to see the tie-ins with the Christmas story in the book.  I liked the “excerpts” from what I assume is classic literature or books of the history of this world. I would very much like to read some of these, since they sound very interesting. However, the flashbacks didn’t do much for me, and I found them a little confusing. I would like to see a sort of “field guide” to go with this series, similar in format to Eragons’s Guide to Algaesia by Christopher Paolini. I would appreciate a table of contents in the front as well.

Overall rating: 3/5      

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