Saturday, February 11, 2012

Finally Posting

Hello, everyone. I’m sorry it took me so incredibly long to get an update up about what I’ve been doing. I won’t give excuses this time, because you’re probably all tired of hearing them. I’ll try my best to do better in future.

·        My writing has been going very well lately. At the beginning of the month, I started a goal of writing an hour a day, and it’s helped a lot. I think that in the past ten or so days I’ve gotten almost as much written as I did in the entire month of January. In addition to the novel I’m writing, I also wrote another Tales of the Great King story in the form of a free verse poem. I hope to post it on my blog soon.
·        Most of you have probably noticed the lack of pictures on my blog lately. This is mostly because I haven’t been taking pictures recently. However, I’m hoping that this will also change soon. Why? Well, I’ve decided that every week for the next six weeks, I’ll have an assignment, and I’ll have to take at least one good picture that fits that assignment. Also, on the nineteenth, it will be the fiftieth day of the year, a day when some photographers attempt a challenge to take fifty good pictures with a 50 mm lens. Daddy did this challenge last year, and you can see some of his pictures on his blog here. You can also get a better explanation of the challenge there.
·        Despite all this writing, I have managed to find time to read, though I still haven’t gotten around to Cyndere’s Midnight, the next book in the Auralia Thread. This is mostly because I’ve been waiting until I have a free weekend so that it doesn’t interfere with my schoolwork.
·        Why couldn’t I read it last weekend. Well, last weekend, we went to Lexington to visit some friends. I enjoyed the trip, though I was glad when we returned home.

Well, that’s about it. Thanks a bunch for stopping by, and I apologize once more for not posting more often.

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