Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Question part two

Hello, everyone! I'm back with the second part of The Question! Here's part one in case you haven't read it yet.

Part Two
We have been traveling for weeks,
Following the One
Who calls Himself
The Prince of Peace,
Son of the Great King.
Many have joined us.
Some wait for Him
To overthrow those
Who would oppress us.
Some are simply curious,
Wondering who He is.
And some believe that
He is the Prince of Peace.
I follow because
He called
And I could not say no.
One day,
Hot and dusty like all midsummer,
I see ahead of us
Two girls,
Both younger than my own fifteen years.
One guides the other,
Who stares off with
Eyes that seem not to see.
Their ragged dresses
Hang loose on their gaunt frames.
As they draw closer, I see
That one walks with a limp.
Now I know who they are.
A blind girl
And a cripple.
The blind girl walks humbly,
Guided by the cripple,
But seeming to listen for something.
The cripple steps
Almost proudly
Despite her infirmity.
They are those
Who exist solely on the charity of others.
A blind girl and a cripple,
They should be hiding like I once hid,
Though I am not like them.
I hid because
I loved to be alone.
They would hide
Because they would have little choice.
Yet they do not hide.
They continue towards us.
I look at our leader.
He will not stop,
Not for these,
A blind girl and a cripple!
He stops
As they draw near.
They stop too,
The cripple glancing up,
Half in fear,
Half in scorn.
The blind girl still stares,
Her eyes blank.
Our leader speaks gently.
“What do you want Me to do for you?”
The cripple remains silent
But the blind girl
Turns towards His voice.
“Please, sir,”
She asks,
Her voice hopeful.
“Please sir, I believe You can give me my sight.”
A man next to me whispers
“I knew that girl in my old village.
She is blind,
Blind from birth.”
I stare at the blind girl.
She has never seen,
Yet she asks for sight?
I have heard that
Before I joined Him,
Our leader healed the blind,
The sick,
The crippled,
But I believed them to be only rumors.
How can she hope
To have her request granted?
Our leader speaks,
“Then see, daughter, for
Your faith
Has healed you.”
A smile spreads across the face of the girl,
Once blind,
As she looks around,
Seeing for the first time.
I wonder,
Not for the last time,
Who is this man
Who I am following?
This healer,
This miracle worker?
Is He a great teacher,
A prophet,
Like some people say?
Or is He who He says He is,
The Prince of Peace,
Son of the Great King?
I look ahead
And see the cripple walking away,
Scornful of what our leader
Might do for her.
The once-blind girl,
Kneels before our leader,
Joyfully thanking Him,
And then she joins our group.
The whispers fly.
“The cripple,
The blind girl’s sister,
Refused healing.
She came only for her sister’s sake,
Now she is leaving.”
I watch her go
And wonder,
Not for the last time,
What she truly has refused.

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