Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Question Part One

Hello, everyone! I'm here with the first part of The Question, a story in poem form. This is from my Tales of the Great King series, and it takes place in the years just before The Sacrifice. As a note, this is written in the free verse style of poetry, which doesn't have to rhyme. With that, enjoy!

Part One
Here, in my forest,
I stay.
Silent as the breeze,
Always on the move.
One day
He sees me
And I see him.
I freeze,
Poised to flee
But I do not run.
Not yet.
Something about him
Keeps me here,
Seems to call my name.
He somehow seems to whisper,
Tugging at me to come.
I stare at him,
And yet not afraid.
Finally, I speak.
“Who are you?”
He answers,
“I am
The Prince of Peace,
Son of the Great King.”
I stare,
Who is this man to make such a claim?
Who is He to say
He is the Son of the Great King?
It cannot be possible
And yet, somehow,
I almost believe Him.
I look,
Into His eyes,
And I find
And strength reflected there.
He speaks again
And His voice
Tugs at me,
Pulls at my heart.
He says,
“Follow Me.”
He turns to go.
I hesitate.
Follow Me,”
He has said.
I am afraid.
I do not want to leave my hiding place,
My safe forest,
He has called me.
Follow me.”
And so
I follow.

What do you think? I hope you like it! Thanks for reading!

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