Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Question Part Three

Hello, everyone! I'm back, with part three of The Question. Here's part two in case you haven't read it yet. Enjoy!

Part Three
We are all eager
For a rest.
The heat
And long days of travel
Have taken their toll on us.
Whispers run up and down the crowd.
“We approach a town,”
They say,
“Perhaps we will stop.”
I hope they are right.
We reach the gate
As the evening watchmen
Take their place.
As we walk down the main street,
I look around.
The town is quiet,
Far more so than it should be.
I wonder what has happened
To bring on this gloom.
As the townspeople see
Our leader,
The One who calls Himself
The Prince of Peace,
Son of the Great King,
A whispering cry goes up.
A man,
Dressed in the black clothes
Of mourning,
Steps towards Him.
“Please, lord,”
He says,
“Please lord,
My daughter has died today,
I have heard of Your works.
If You come
And touch her,
She will live.”
I wonder,
Not for the first time,
At the faith people display that
Our leader
Can heal them,
Though I have never seen Him bring anyone
Back from the dead.
I know, though,
That He rewards those who have faith.
Sure enough,
He speaks.
“Lead Me to your daughter.”
The man turns
And we follow.
As we reach the man’s house
We hear loud crying
And wailing.
Our leader goes inside.
Most stay behind
I slip after Him,
I follow Him
To the dead girl’s bedroom.
The girl’s mother sits,
By the bed.
Our leader speaks gently to her.
“Weep no more,”
He says,
“She is not dead,
Only asleep.”
The woman looks up,
Our leader takes the hand
Of the dead girl.
He says,
“The night is over.
It is time for you to get up.”
I watch,
As she opens her eyes
And sits up.
The girl’s mother
Throws her arms around her daughter,
Tears of joy
Flowing from her eyes.
The man bows
And thanks our leader.
I stare at Him,
Who is He
To give sight to the blind?
Who is He
To raise a child from the dead?
Could He truly be
The Prince of Peace,
Son of the Great King?
I stare
And wonder,
Not for the last time,
Who He truly is.
I almost think
I already know the answer.

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