Friday, February 24, 2012

The Question part four

My apologies for not posting this yesterday. Here's part three, in case you need a refresher.

Part Four
The crowds of townsfolk
Bustle around me.
Doing their morning shopping.
Hawking their wares.
Young women
Giggling and gossiping.
All these
And more
Fill the crowded marketplace.
I slip,
Between shoppers and stalls.
I listen to every word they say.
One name
Is on everyone’s lips,
The name of the one
Who I have followed.
“The Prince!”
They say,
“The one who calls Himself
Son of the Great King!”
Matronly women
Talk knowingly with their friends
About Him.
“I heard
He raised a girl from the dead,”
Says one.
“My cousin told me
That He gave sight to a girl blind from birth!”
Exclaims another.
“My husband says
That He knows more about the Great King than anyone,
Even the Elders!”
Another whispers.
Speculations fly
About who He is.
“He is the one we have heard of,
The one who says a Deliverer is coming!”
“He is one of the heroes of old,
Come back to lead us!”
“He is a prophet,
Sent with a message from the Great King!”
Everyone seems to have an opinion
But I do not think
That anyone truly knows for sure.
I leave the city,
Running out the gates
And back to the place
Where our group stopped
While I went on ahead
To find out what the townspeople say
About our leader.
I approach Him respectfully.
He turns to me.
“You have returned.
What have you learned?”
I tell Him what I heard.
“Some say
You are the One who proclaims a Deliverer is coming.
Others say
You are a hero of old
Or a prophet.”
He nods slowly.
“And you, Teresa,
Who do you say I am?”
I hesitate.
I have pondered the question
Many times
Despite having followed Him
This long.
Who is He?
Who am I following?
I feel as if every eye in the group
Is on me.
Who is He?
Who am I following?
I look up,
Into His eyes,
And I realize
I knew all along
But I would not admit it.
“You are,”
I begin.
“You are
The Prince of Peace,
Son of the Great King.”
The Prince of Peace smiles.

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