Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Escape Part One

Hello, everyone! I’m back, with a new story! This tale, The Escape, is another one of my Tales of the Great King, the second one written. I hope you enjoy it!

Part One
The dark figure was there again. The man had seen it many times, and he didn’t like it. There were strange things up here in the Northlands, and he didn’t want to encounter any of them. Grasping the haft of his huge war hammer, he stood and peered into the darkness. “Who’s there?” he called nervously. No one answered. The figure had faded from view and would not return again that night.
            Alanna carefully slipped out of her spot in the crowded slave quarters. She shivered, unused to the cold of the Northlands with its long winters and springtime snowstorms. I wish I could be back at home. It would be the prettiest part of spring back there, not cold at all. Here, it’s all slush and mud and freezing cold temperatures. Alanna knew that she could be killed for leaving the slave quarters this late. However, she intended to escape, and this was necessary. The Great King will protect me. She crept along until she was close to the main house, stuffing her brown hair down the back of her ragged tunic as she did. Most of the windows were dark, staring out like dead eyes. There was only one with a light, a single lantern that shed its golden glow over the log wall of the house. Alanna smiled grimly. So, she’s ready when I am. Too bad we can’t leave right now. The sooner we get away from this land, the better I’ll like it. Alanna crept closer, until she was directly under the window. Its light glinted in her eyes, and if anyone had been watching, they would’ve seen how bright green they were.  As it was, there was no one there to see as Alanna carefully drew a star in the damp ground beneath the window.  Then, she slipped away. Just say the word, unlikely ally of mine.

What will happen next? Will Alanna be able to escape? Who is her ally? To find out, check back soon for part two! In the meantime, please comment! I’d love to hear what you think!

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