Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Treasure Part Five

Hello, everyone! Ready for more of The Treasure? I hope so, because I’m posting more right now! Need a refresher? Here’s Part Four. And now, on with the tale!

Part Five
The trial went badly just as Melody had expected. She was sentenced to death that very afternoon. Melody had four hours to contemplate her doom.
            Around the end of the noon hour, a guard showed up at her cell-a guard other than the one who was supposed to be guarding her. Melody thought it looked more like he was sleeping, but she didn’t complain. “I am to take the girl Melody away.” said the new guard. His voice sounded odd for a Wraith or an execution guard, Melody thought. It sounded too kind.
            “By whose orders?” grunted the cell guard, sleepily.
            “By my Lord’s orders!” the new guard impatiently shouted.
            “Very well, very well.” grumbled the cell guard, unlocking the cell door. “Take ‘er away.”
            The new guard led Melody away and out of the dungeons. Finally, he stopped in a copse of large pine trees. “Are you alright?” he asked, quite gently. Melody nodded. “I’m sorry if I frightened you.” he said, taking off his helmet. “I didn’t mean to scare you too much, but I suspected that a little fear on your part would be unavoidable.” By now, his helmet was all the way off, and Melody gasped. She recognized the tall, brown haired, grey eyed young man.
            “You’re one of Luke’s friends!” she exclaimed in surprise. “I’ve seen you two together!”
            “Aye.” he replied. “Luke and I are in charge of getting the Treasure out to the people at this castle, but the Great King feels that someone else needs to take over. To be exact, He says that someone’s onto us. We’re to head to his land with everyone we got the Treasure to.”
            Just then, Luke drove up in a wagon filled with hay. “There you are!” he said. “I was wondering if you’d make it out. Good to see you, Melody. I see you’ve met Benjamin.”
            “Yes, I have.” she replied. “How are we getting out?”
            “Benjamin and I will ride on the front seat of this wagon.” answered Luke.
            “You’ll be hiding in the hay.” added Benjamin.
            “I wish you didn’t have to, but this was all we could think of to get you out of here without being seen. “
            “I don’t mind.” Melody assured them. Then, she inquired “Where are we going?”
            Luke and Benjamin grinned. “We’re going to the Kingdom of Light!” said Luke.
            Melody’s mouth dropped open. “Really and truly?” she gasped in wonder.
            Luke and Benjamin nodded. “Well, we’d better get going.” Benjamin reminded them. “We need to be far away before they realize we’re gone. Hop in, Melody.”
            And so, Melody journeyed with her new friends to the Kingdom of Light, her real home.

Well? What did you think of the tale? I’d love to know! Please comment and tell me!

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