Friday, July 22, 2011

God Made

Hello, everyone. Sorry this is a day late, but I was a bit distracted yesterday (otherwise known as “I forgot”). This is a poem I wrote a while ago that I think you’ll enjoy. Next week, I plan to begin another one of my Tales of the Great King, this one entitled The Escape. So, without further ado, my poem.

God made the flower,
Lovely and sweet.
God made dessert,
So yummy to eat.
Go made summer,
And all its heat.
God made birds,
Like parrots and keets.

God made games,
So fun to play.
God made night,
And God made day.
God made farmers,
Growing fruit, veggies, and hay.
God made us,
Let’s follow in his way.

What did you think? I’d love to know! Please comment and tell me!

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