Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Treasure Part Three

Hello, everyone! I’m back with more of The Treasure! Ready to read? I hope so! If not, here’s Part Two for a refresher. And now, one with the tale!

Part Three
Melody spent much of the next morning hoping that Luke would find her as she did her work. When he finally did, Melody asked him if he’d meet her at the beech grove. Luke agreed, and they met that afternoon.
            “Well?” Luke asked, as soon as Melody appeared.
            “I read the book you gave me. I could see why you called it a treasure. But, is it true?” she replied.
            “Oh Melody, it’s truer than the castle and the lord of the land!” Luke exclaimed.
            “Will you tell me more?” Melody requested, hopefully.
            “Of course!” Luke continued, passionately. “Let’s sit down and I’ll tell you all I can before the next bell. Now, what do you want to know?”
            By that evening, Melody knew enough about the Great King, the Prince of Peace, and the Kingdom of Light to know that she wanted to believe. But, she couldn’t wrap her mind around the idea, not enough to really, truly believe. Melody fell asleep wondering if this was too good to me true. Her sleep that night was as fitful as the night before had been restful.
            The next few weeks continued in much the same way. Every few days, Melody and Luke would meet and talk. Every time, Melody learned more about the Great King, but she still could not quite believe.
            After three weeks, however, things took a turn for the worse. Melody and Luke met that day, and Melody asked “Am I pretty? I’ve tried asking other people, but they’re too busy to care. I know the Treasure says I’m beautiful, but I’d like to know how I really look.”
            Luke smiled. “I thought you might be asking that sometime.” He handed her a small package.
            “Is this. .  . for me?” asked Melody.
            “It is.” replied Luke.
            “From my true Father?” asked Melody. “Or from you?”
            Luke just smiled and said “Guess.”
            Melody looked at him quizzically, then opened the package. Inside was a small mirror. It wasn’t very fancy, as hand mirrors go, but it was fancy to Melody. She picked it up. Engraved across the top was “Daughter of the Great King.” As she looked in the mirror, she gasped. She had never seen herself before. What she saw was ash-blond hair framing a roundish face. Within the face were two blue-green eyes. “Is that. . . me?” she asked. Luke nodded. “Well,” said Melody, a bit nervously, “Whether this is from my true Father or from you, I should like to say thank you.” Luke just smiled.

What will happen to Melody next? Will she ever be able to believe? Check back soon to find out! In the meantime, please comment! I’d love to hear what you think!

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