Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hello, everyone! I’m back, with more of The Treasure! Need a refresher before we begin? Here’s Part Three, the last part posted. And now, on with the tale!

Part Four
That night, Melody was awakened by cries of “Open up! Open up in the name of the lord of the land!” Melody quickly got up, stuffed her bag containing The Treasure and her mirror under her loose nightdress, and opened her door. When she did, her heart skipped a beat. Standing before her door were two Wraiths!
            “What is it, sirs?” asked Melody, frightened. “Do you need something?”
            “You’ve been accused of following the Enemy King.” said one. “You’re to come with us.”
            Before Melody knew it, she found herself in the dungeons-not the lowest level, but low enough.  She, unable to control herself, began to cry. Finally, her tears dried up. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Melody heard a voice. “You are alone!” it hisssed, menacingly. “You are alone and will die! No one cares about you! Where is your king now?” The voice trailed off into a cackling laugh. Melody knew that it was The Voice, the lord of the land.
            “No! No! No!” she cried, but to no avail. The cackling laugh continued. Fear and doubt pounded at her heart. What will happen to me? Where is the Great King anyway? Is He even real? She looked up and around, searching for and answer. Her eyes focused on the moon, for she was in a cell high enough to have a window. She felt strangely comforted by the moon . . . and by its light. Then, seemingly out of the light, there came another voice, soft and kind, like the voice of a loving father speaking gently to his child. “Do not fear,” the voice said, “for never will I leave you, and never will I forsake you. You are my child, and I love you. Call on me, and I will answer. Believe in me, for I love you more than the stars in the sky, and I will never let you go, my precious daughter.” The Voice’s cackling laugh had by now ceased, and all that was left was the second voice. Somehow, Melody knew that it was the voice of the Great King.
            “I believe you!” she whispered. “I do believe.”

What will happen to Melody? Will she get out alive? There’s only one way to find out: check back soon for more! In the meantime, please comment! I’d love to hear what you think!

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