Friday, April 15, 2011

Names and Novel(la)s

Hello, everyone! Friday has finally come ‘round again, and that means it’s time for an update on my life!

·        My stories are going fairly well. I finished “The Sacrifice”, and I got some work done on my novel/novella, which I shall from now on refer to as The Call, despite the fact that I’m not sure if that will be the title.  I’ve done some explaining and figured out how to get my three main characters together in a situation where they’ll be on speaking (or at least arguing) terms, arguing terms being more likely.
·        I desperately want a new book by one of my favorite authors to come out. Ranger’s Apprentice #10 (John Flanagan), the title of which I can’t remember, is supposed to come out soon, as are the last Redwall book and possibly a new book or two by Bryan Davis, author of the Dragons in Our Midst and Oracles of Fire series. However, I haven’t seen these at the library or at any bookstores.
·        It finally feels like spring! The temperatures here have been in the sixties most of the week, and I’ve worn short sleeves every day except Sunday.
·        I, through the help of some people on the UG, came up with four name ideas for my bad guys, and from these four name ideas, I picked Black Tears as the name. I also decided to make a smaller elite group of these beings, called the Darkvells.

Well, that’s about all. Thanks for stopping by! Please comment! I’d love to hear what you think!


  1. the new book is called The Emperor of Nihon-Ja and is set to comeout this month


  2. Thanks! *Goes to look for it at the library*


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