Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Sacrifice Part Four

Hi, everyone! Sorry for posting so late, but I’ve got the next part of The Sacrifice! Hope you like it!

Part Four
Matthias couldn’t look away. He wanted to, but at the same time he wanted to watch for any sign from his Prince. So he gazed, spellbound, as the Prince of Peace hung, the simple rope noose cutting into His neck. Matthias could do nothing. How could this happen? What has become of the Great King’s promise? His mind raced, remembered the words of the Prince of Peace. “I am the Way back to the Great King, the Truth, and the Life for those who believe. No one comes to my Father unless it is through me.
Matthias looked up at Him. The Elders were moving off, satisfied that their so-called enemy was gone. The Prince of Peace was still, and Matthias knew that he would move no more. The man fell to his knees. “Why, Great King?” he cried aloud. “Why? You said that You would send a Way back to You; You sent the Prince of Peace, but now he hang at a rope’s end. How could You let it end this way?”
Abbie’s small voice broke into Matthias’s misery. “Papa? Please don’t get upset. Please, Papa.”
Matthias looked back at his daughter. Oh, Great King, how can I tell her?
Abbie’s eyes were filled with tears. “Papa, please don’t get upset; please don’t. Didn’t you say that the Great King is in control? Won’t He take care of us?”
The simple words hit Matthias like a hammer. Of course! The Great King has a plan! He has to. Matthias knew that he was probably grabbing at straws, but any hope was precious now that the Prince of Peace was gone. Matthias looked once more at the still figure of his Prince. The dark clouds broke for a minute behind Him, letting the sun shine through. Matthias rose to his feet. I have to go on. It’s what He would’ve wanted. Picking up Abbie and placing her on his horse, he swung up behind her. Glancing one last time at the still figure on the hill, he spurred his horse to head for home. I must go on.           

What will happen now? Is the Great King’s plan destroyed? There’s only one way to find out: check back soon for more! In the meantime, please comment with your thoughts! I’d love to know!


  1. I like it so far ... I like the way you've recast the events, altering them just enough to make it fresh, but still preserving the TRUTH.

  2. Thank you very much! I do what I can.


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