Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Sacrifice Part One

Hi, everyone! Welcome back to my blog! Since Rosa is over, I’m starting a new story: The Sacrifice. Ready? I hope so, because here’s the first part!

Part 1
“Abbie, your father wants to see you.”
            The golden-haired nine-year-old looked up at the older lady speaking to her. “Why, Mama?”
            Her mother smiled. “He’s waiting outside. You’ll see why when you go. Hurry and find him.”
            Abbie jumped up, her brown eyes sparkling, and laid the book she was reading aside. “All right, Mama.” She cheerfully skipped out of the family’s good sized home. In the courtyard, she saw her father standing beside his black horse. Behind the horse was a smaller palomino pony. Abbie ran the rest of the way to her father. “Papa! Am I allowed to ride with you now?”
            Her dark-haired father enfolded her in his strong arms. “Yes you are, sunshine. Excited?” His deep blue eyes twinkled as he smiled at his daughter.
            Abbie wriggled out of her father’s embrace. “Oh, yes! I am, Papa!” She hurried over to the pony. “Let’s go!” she exclaimed. Although Abbie had ridden in the stable yard behind the house many times, she had never been allowed to ride with Matthias on his excursions.
            Matthias smiled and helped Abbie into the saddle, then walked over to his own mount and swung into the saddle. “Ready, sunshine?” he asked.
            Abbie grinned happily. “I’m ready, Papa. Look, I can make her go myself.” Abbie made a clucking noise with her tongue and the pony began walking forward. “See, I did it!” Abbie looked at Matthias. “What’s the pony’s name, Papa?”
            Matthias urged his steed forward. “She doesn’t have a name yet, Abbie. After this ride, you can give her one.”
            Abbie nodded slowly. She knew all about her father’s view on naming horses and ponies. A name couldn’t be given until the horse or pony had been ridden by the namer. “Where are we going, Papa?” she asked.
            Matthias turned to look at Abbie. “Where do you want to go, sunshine?”
            Abbie bounced in the saddle. “Can we go to the sweet shop, Papa?”
            Matthias nodded and tugged his horse’s reigns to turn towards the town marketplace. “Aye, let’s go there, Abbie.
            Abbie’s smile got even brighter. “Thank you, Papa!” she exclaimed. She began dreaming of the cakes, rolls, and candy at the sweet shop. Suddenly, a commotion from up ahead broke into her thoughts. “What’s that, Papa?” she asked.
            Matthias frowned and spurred his horse to go faster. “I don’t know, sunshine. Let’s go find out.”
            Abbie frowned too as she urged her pony to a trot. Why does Papa look so worried?

What do you think so far? I know it’s not exactly the epic tale that I’ve posted thus far, but I’d love to hear your opinions anyway!
Update: Part Two is up!


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