Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Voyage of Slaves Review

Author: Brian Jacques

Adrift in the Mediterranean Sea, Ben and his loyal dog, Ned- cursed by an avenging angel to roam the earth forever- fall into the clutches of the slave lord Al Misurata. Thus starts a roaring adventure, ranging from the Libyan coast to the Italian border.

Survivla is a daily battle over land and sea as Ben and Ned gain good friends and encounter ruthless enemies in their quest for freedom. At times possessing nothing other than their wits, they must rely on each other to defeat the forces of evil.
-Summary from the cover of Voyage of Slaves

Characters: Very good! Ben and Ned are as amazing as ever, and the other characters are as colorful, entertaining, and interesting as the casts of the previous books have been. Al Misurata is especially well done, and he’s as evil a villain as you could possibly want.

Location: Good, but nothing particularly extraordinary.

Plot: Very good! The book’s single plot is exciting and full of suspense, with plenty of humor. However, it gets very sad at the end, for reasons I won’t reveal.

Other: I would definitely recommend this series as a must-read.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Series Rating: 4/5

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