Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rosa Chapter Eighteen

Hi, everyone! Ready for Chapter Eighteen of Rosa? I hope so, because I’m posting it right now! (If you need a refresher, here’s Chapter Seventeen.) And now, on with the tale!

Chapter Eighteen
Rosa quickly found the servants’ stairs, and they all hurried up to just outside Queen Leila’s chambers. However, there they ran into another problem. That problem came in the form of two burly guards stationed in front of Queen Leila’s door, who weren’t too keen on letting in uninvited guests. The group soon learned this when they tried to persuade the guards to let them in, a conversation that went something like this.
            “Let us pass!’ ordered Prince Owen.
            The guards laughed. “Not happenin’ little half-royal pup. We’re under direct orders from the queen not to let anyone in!”  One guard scoffed.
            “Yeah,” agreed the other, “Now go away before we decide to make you leave.”
            The quality of guards that the queen merits has obviously gotten worse. Mandy thought.
            Suddenly, Panthal appeared in front of the guards, holding a pair of daggers like he knew how to use them. “I would suggest that you not say that.” he said, his voice soft but dangerous.
            The two guards looked uncomfortable for a moment, and then laughed again. “It’ll take more than one man with a few little knives to scare us!” they scoffed. “Now leave us in peace before we decide to chase you away!”
            Panthal sighed, and looked at Lord Alanal and Prince Owen. “Should I?” he asked.
            They both nodded.
            Panthal turned back to the guards. “Well, too bad for you I’m an elf, not a man.” Then, almost casually, he expertly threw the two daggers so the hilts hit the guards’ heads heavily. The guards looked bewildered for a moment, then their eyes crossed and they dropped to the ground.
            Rosa gasped. “Did you kill them?”
            Panthal shook his head. “Nay, they’re just knocked out. They’ll wake up in a few hours with humongous headaches, wondering what hit them.” Then, he looked around and asked “Everyone ready?”
            They nodded, and Lady Clarellë and Mandy almost simultaneously said “Aye.” They were all eager to confront Queen Leila.

What will happen next? Will our friends be able to defeat Queen Leila? There’s only one way to find out: check back soon when I post the next chapter! In the meantime, please comment and vote on my surveys. I’d love to hear your thoughts!
Update: Chapter Nineteen and the Epilogue are up!

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