Thursday, May 26, 2011


Hi, everyone! I’m back, with some more of my writing! Now, normally I’d post a story part today, but I decided to do something different: I’ll post a poem. In case you didn’t know, I do write poetry quite a bit, though my main focus is usually on short stories and novels. So, without further ado, I present “Dream”

A man walks up to me,
With hair of grey,
And a long tattered coat
That looks too old to say.

I wonder his name,
His purpose and plan.
Why does he want me?
This ancient man.

I’m an ordinary girl.
Nothing special at all.
Few friends and no talent,
Quite unremarkable.

I’m no star athlete,
No beauty queen,
No smart kid, no dummy
I’m just plain old me.

I look into his eyes,
And see many years,
I see love, I see kindness,
And no kinds of fears.

He looks back at me,
And I see in his gaze
Bravery and strength,
And a king’s ways.

I ask him “Sir,
Why do you care,
To single me out,
From the crowds everywhere?

There are others far better-
Smarter and cooler.
I’m a nobody, sir,
And you seem a great ruler.

What is your name, sir?
And why do you come
To me on this day,
When in my life there’s no sun?”

He smiles at me,
And I hear him reply
With a kind and strong voice,
And a loving eye.

“You aren’t a nobody,
You’re special, unique!
You have special talents,
Which you need to seek!

You say others are better,
That they’re smarter and cooler.
Well as you have guessed,
I am a ruler.

You are my child,
A Princess of Light,
But do not fear,
Just fight the good fight.”

I start to ask questions,
Say “I don’t understand!”
But he stops me from asking,
And squeezes my hand.

“Few understand
When they’re first called by me.
But keep learning more,
And then you will see.”

He hands me a book,
Old and weathered.
But the page edges glint gold,
And it’s covered it leather.

I glimpse golden letters
On the brown cover.
In my head I suspect
That it’s like no other.

“Guard this and read it,”
The old man tells me.
“And don’t try to pay-
My gift comes free.”

He turns to leave,
And I rush after him.
But I cannot catch up,
And my vision goes dim.

Everything turns black,
I rub my eyes.
Then, they open-
What a surprise!

I’m lying in bed,
In my own room.
Was it just a dream?
I wonder and muse.

Then my eyes fall on a book
That is clutched in my hand.
It’s bound it brown leather,
With gold pages and

When I take a close look,
The writing shines gold!
Is it the book from my dream?
It’s battered and old.

I think It must be!
Then read the words.
“The Tale of the King,
Holy Bible,” they say.

I learn the true story,
Of the world and of God.
A story that many
Consider quite odd.

All have been called,
To love and serve Him,
But choice is not to be made
On a hunch or a whim.
Will you answer the call?
Think long and hard.
For while all are welcome,
The journey is hard.

Will you take the risk?
Will you open your heart?
I will tell you though-
The end’s better than the start.

What did you think of it? I’d love to know! Please comment and tell me!


  1. That is a wonderful poem. We all need to remember we are God's Children and special to him. The Bible is as relevant today as it was
    2000 years ago, maybe more. It is a Love Letter
    from God, We need to read and learn and depend
    on God for all.

  2. Thanks a bunch! I'm glad you liked it!


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