Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Right Thing Part Three

Hello, everyone! Ready for part three of The Right Thing? I hope so, because I’m posting it right now! Need a refresher? Here’s part two. Enjoy!

Part Three
Hours later, I was lying on my bed, making what I knew would be my last private phone call for a week. I quickly found the number in my contacts and pressed the button to call it, knowing that time was of the essence. I muttered under my breath as the other person’s phone rang. “Come on, pick up the phone!”
            “Hello?” The cheerful male voice of Ian Ross, my on-and-off boyfriend, bounced into my ear.
            “Hello, Ian.” My gloomy tone was an enormous contrast between the two of us.
            “Kelia, love! Yu called early! What’d b’ the occasion?”
            I rolled my eyes. “Ian, please. This b’ me last private call for a week. I dinna want yu t’ spoil it with callin’ me love.”
            Ian was still incredibly cheerful. “Dinna b’ tellin’ me that yu b’ in trouble with yur mum! Kelia, yu’re the golden girl o’ the school, yur family, Edinburgh, an’ all o’ . . . yu know. Yu’re never in trouble!”
            I sighed. “Well, Ian, yu b’ wrong for once. I b’ grounded for a week. I won’t b’ able t’ come to our night out Thursday, yu hear?”
            Ian’s reply was less cheerful. “Ah well. I suppose that I won’t b’ dyin’ from not seein’ yu. Farewell for now, Kelia.”
            “Farewell.” I no sooner finished the word when Mum entered.
            “Kelia, no more phone calls in your room until your punishment is over, you understand?”
            I nodded. “I b’ understandin’, Mum. Dinna worry.”
            Mum smiled at me. “Good. Dinner will be ready in ten minutes, so you’d best start getting ready.”
            I sighed. A week of imprisonment loomed above Lady Kelia of Scotland. Would she make it out alive? I frowned and shook my head. Forget Lady Kelia of Scotland! Will I, Kelia Grashen of Edinburgh, make it out alive?

What will happen next? There’s only one way to find out: check back soon! In the meantime, please comment! I’d love to hear what you think!

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