Friday, May 13, 2011

The Right Thing, Part One

Hi, everyone! Ready for a new tale? Well, I decided to post a new kind of story this time. This story, unlike most of my tales, takes place on Earth, and features a character who I loved writing. I wrote it last September or October, for the AWANA Trek program. So, for your enjoyment, I present “The Right Thing”.

The Right Thing, Part One
Kelia Grashen
Age: 16
She’s an auburn haired, hazel eyed, Scottish teenager, amateur detective, and a “golden girl” who rarely gets in trouble. She also answers to “Kee” or “Elf,” and has no middle name.

Audrey Violet Grashen
Age: 13
She’s Kelia’s raven haired, green eyed younger sister. She’s the family troublemaker, and her style is something close to Goth.

Emma Rose Grashen
Age: 8
She’s Kelia’s blond haired, blue eyed youngest sister. She’s very sensitive and has an overactive imagination.

Mum/Andrea Siver Grashen
Age: Undisclosed
She’s Kelia’s mother, and has blond hair and green eyes. She’s overprotective, and has lived in Scotland since she was married, yet has no accent or anything else that would suggest that she lived anywhere besides her childhood home of England.

        A loud crash coming from downstairs was what started it. As soon as the sound reached my ears, I leaped off my bed and dashed down the stairs in our two-story Edinburgh, Scotland house. What I saw at the bottom of the stairs stopped me in my tracks, which is saying a lot. I’ve seen the results of more bombs, kidnappings, murders, and other bad stuff like that than some policemen. However, those didn’t scare me nearly as much as this did. No way, no how.
            What was this terrifying scene? My eight year old sister, Emma Rose Grashen, stood over a broken vase, one that was completely shattered. She was also crying.
            Now, I know this probably sounds strange, but let me explain. This wasn’t any old vase. This was Mum’s favorite vase, an heirloom from her side of the family, and an antique from the seventeen-hundreds or something like that. Father had warned her many a time to put it in a cabinet or something, but Mum wouldn’t listen, despite the fact that the vase was one of her most prized possessions. Now it was broken. Add the fact that my little sister was crying, something I absolutely hate, and you’ve got a personal disaster.
            The sound of running feet coming in our direction broke me out of my trance. I looked down the hall just in time to see Audrey Violet Grashen, my thirteen year old other sister, come dashing towards us, socks slipping slightly on the polished wood floor. “Audrey! Stop!” I yelled.
            She immediately put on the brakes, but she still slid. She stopped just short of the first pieces of glass, and I breathed a sigh of relief. “Whoa! What happened here, Kelia? Do yu know?”
            I hid a smile. Audrey and Emma both spoke more like Mum, with just a hint of Scottish accent. It was a stark contrast to my own heavily accented tongue, and stood out instantly in the even heavier accents that I’d heard in the downtown Edinburgh area. “Nay, I don’t, but I’d b’ likin’ t’ know that meself.” I said. I carefully picked my way over to Emma. “What happened, sweet lass? Are yu hurt?”
             Emma shook her head. “No, but I broke Mama’s favorite vase! Now she’ll hate me forever!”
            I hugged my sister. Being accustomed to disaster can be very useful when it comes to a crisis. “Now don’t yu b’ silly, Emma-lass. Mum could never b’ hatin’ yu.”
            Emma began sobbing harder. “But I broke her vase, Kee!” I smiled at the fact that she could remember to use one of my nicknames, and hugged her closer. That was when Mum appeared on the scene.

What will happen next? Will Emma get in as much trouble as she thinks she will? To find out, check back soon for part two! In the meantime, please comment and let me know what you think! I’d love to know!
Update: Part Two is up!

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