Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Sacrifice Part Six

Hello, everyone! Ready for more of The Sacrifice? I hope so, because I’m posting the next part today!

Part Six
Bethany walked quickly along the streets towards the Death Hill, talking to herself. “I can’t believe they actually did that! The Prince of Peace was the best person to ever walk these streets! I heard that he healed a lass who’d been blind from birth, and I think he brought another young lady back from the dead.” Still chattering, she reached the Death Hill and began to climb its rocky slope. “And to think He died a criminal’s death! Him, the Great King’s Son! It’s enough to make one wonder what the world’s coming to!” She looked up at the tree and gasped. “He’s gone!”
            It was true. The rope noose hung, bloodied where it had dug into His neck, but His body was nowhere to be seen. Two guards sat at the bottom of the tree, obviously unconscious. Bethany dropped to her knees. “Oh, Great King, what happened?”
            A tall, strong-looking man appeared at Bethany’s side. “Lady, what is wrong?” he asked. His voice had an odd quality to it that Bethany couldn’t place.
            “He’s gone!” she whispered. “Who could’ve taken Him?”
            The man’s voice seemed to have a smile in it as he said “Why do you look for those alive in the place of death? Go, and tell the others what you have seen and heard here.”
            Bethany stood and looked at the man. “Who are you to tell me this?”
            The man said “I am a friend who you do not know. Do not fear, Bethany, follower of the Great King. Go, do as I have said.”
            Bethany turned, something about the man’s words putting hope in her heart. “Very well, sir. Thank you!”
            The man’s last words followed her down the hill. “Watch for Him! He is not gone!”

What is going on? Does the strange man speak the truth? To find out, check back soon, when I post part seven! In the meantime, please comment! I’d love to hear what you think!


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