Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Sacrifice Part Nine

Hello, everyone! Ready for the conclusion of The Sacrifice? I hope so, because I’m posting it right now!

Part Nine
Abbie was the one who suggested it. “Why not have a picnic in the garden while we wait for the Prince to come?” she had asked Bethany. Bethany had liked the idea, and that was why they were setting out their noontime meal on a makeshift table.
            Abbie set down the last plate. “What now, Mama?”
            Bethany laid a platter of rolls on the table. “Run and get your father, Abbie, and I’ll bring out the butter. Hurry!”
            Abbie obeyed, running through the house to Matthias’ study. “Papa! Lunch is ready!” she called.
            Matthias rose from his chair. “All right, sunshine, I’m coming.”
            Abbie smiled and tugged on Matthias’ hand. “Mama said to hurry!”
            Matthias allowed himself to be pulled to the table, where he sat down. He bowed his head, saying “Let us thank the Great King for our food.” Abbie and Bethany also bowed their heads, and Matthias prayed “Great King, we thank you for this food and the hands that prepared it. We pray that it will strengthen our bodies to do Your will. Amen.”
            Abbie raised her head and waited for Bethany to give her some salad and fish. Her eyes roved over the table to the garden beyond. Suddenly, she saw someone standing at the garden gate . . . someone familiar. “Mama! Papa!” she cried. “Look who’s here!”
            Bethany and Matthias turned. Bethany gasped and dropped the plate she was holding, which fell back to the table. Matthias fell to his knees. Abbie rushed to open the gate. “You came back! I knew You would!”
            The Prince of Peace knelt to hug Abbie, saying “Ah, Abbie, I wish that all My people had faith like yours. You never doubted Me.”
            Abbie smiled. “You said You’d come. You wouldn’t break Your word.”
            The Prince of Peace stood, saying “Of such is the Great King’s Kingdom.” He walked to Bethany, who blushed.
            “I’m sorry for not having a place for You, my Prince. I wasn’t expecting you quite so soon.”
            The Prince of Peace smiled kindly at her. “Bethany, you have been faithful to Me ever since we met. For this you will be rewarded one day. Do not worry about the place, but be prepared in the future, for I may come at any time.” He turned to Matthias. “Matthias, stand up. Look at Me.”
            Matthias obeyed. “”Is it You, my Prince?” He saw the scars from the rope on His neck. “How, my Prince?”
            The Prince of Peace said “With the Great King, all things are possible.”
            Matthias hung his head. “I know it is You, my Prince. Forgive me for my unbelief.”
            “You are forgiven, Matthias. You believe because you have seen, but blessed are those who believe without seeing.” He looked at the three of them. “I cannot stay with you, My friends. Soon I must return to My Father.”
            Abbie frowned. “Will You ever come back?”
            The Prince of Peace said “Someday I will return, Abbie, and then I will take all those who follow Me back to live with the Great King. But before then, I will not return, though I will still be with you.”
            “What are we to do until then?” Matthias asked.
            “Spread the word!” the Prince of Peace replied. “Tell the world of Me. Do not fear, though people will persecute you, for the Great King will protect you.”
            Matthias nodded. “We will, my Prince. I promise.”
            The Prince of Peace smiled at them. “Thank you, my friends. I must leave you now, but remember me and my words.”
            Abbie, Matthias, and Bethany watched as the Prince of Peace turned and walked out of the garden. The Great King’s long-ago promise to provide a way back to himself had been fulfilled at last, and a new promise had been set in place. They would wait patiently for the fulfillment of the promise; wait patiently to see their Prince once more.

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