Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rosa Chapter Fifteen

Hi, everyone! Sorry this is so late, but I’ve got Chapter Fifteen here! Need a refresher? Here’s Chapter Fourteen! And now, Rosa!

Chapter Fifteen
Back at the elves’ clearing . . .
            Panthal sighed and looked at Rosa. She lay on a bed in the center of the uppermost room of their tree house. The multicolored shafts of sunlight that came streaming through the jewels danced around Rosa. We’ve tried almost everything, and nothing has worked. What are we going to do? His sensitive ears caught the sound of someone entering the room, and he turned toward the door.
            Skyellë entered, looking around. “Is she doing any better?” she asked softly.
            Panthal shook his head. “Nay.” he answered. “What do you have there?”
            Skyellë looked at the flask she held in her hands. “The last possible remedy we can make.” she told him. “There’s only one left in the book of lore, and we cannot procure that one.” She handed the flask to Panthal.
            Panthal opened the flask. “What is this last remedy that we cannot make?”
            Skyellë’s eyes filled with tears. “The kiss of an unknown lover.” she whispered, and then she turned and fled the room.
            Hours passed. Rosa still made no move, and uttered no sound. Panthal, Skyellë, and Lord Alanal took turns sitting with her, just in case. Panthal was just beginning a third turn when the sound of horses galloping came from below. Skyellë rushed out to the edge of the lowest platform and looked down. When she saw who was below she cried out in near-joy. “Clarellë has returned!” she called out. “And there are others with her!”
            Skyellë watched as Lady Clarellë, Mandy, and Prince Owen climbed up the rope ladder. As soon as Lady Clarellë was on the platform, Skyellë rushed over. She opened her mouth to speak, but Lady Clarellë beat her to it. “How is Rosa?” she asked in a whisper.
            Skyellë shook her head. “No better. Who are the others you brought?”
            “The lady is Mandy, the one who watched over Rosa before that task fell to us.” Lady Clarellë replied. “The young man is Prince Owen, who Mandy seems to trust. She insisted on his coming. I am not sure why.”
            Skyellë gasped. “Perhaps the last remedy-“she snapped her mouth shut, wondering if she should say it.
            “What about a last remedy?” asked Lady Clarellë.
             “The only remedy in left in our book of lore is the kiss of an unknown lover. What if Prince Owen is that unknown lover?”
            Lady Clarellë nodded slowly. “It could be.” she whispered. “It would be a miracle if he was and it worked.”
            “Should we mention it to him?”  Skyellë asked.
            “Nay.” Lady Clarellë told her. “We do not want to take any risks of getting their hopes up. If Prince Owen kisses her and it does not work, it would be heartbreaking.” She gestured towards Mandy and Prince Owen, who were standing just inside the house, talking with Lord Alanal.
            Skyellë nodded. “You’re probably right.” she reluctantly agreed. “So what should we do now?”
            “We invite them up.” Lady Clarellë replied, simply.
What will happen next? Will Prince Owen be able to cure Rosa? To find out, check back next time! In the meantime, please comment! I’d love to hear your opinion!
Update: Chapter Fifteen is up!


  1. Is there supposed to be a link where it says "Here's chapter fourteen"? Because there isn't.

  2. WOOPS! Thanks so much for pointing that out, Nathan. I added the link. Thanks again! Hope you're enjoying Rosa!


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