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Rosa Chapter Seven and Rosa Chapter Eight

Greetings, everyone! I am back with more of Rosa! Need a refresher? Here's the link to Chapter Six! And now, on with the tale!

Chapter Seven
Back at the castle. . .
            Queen Leila hurried into her room. Picking up the mirror, she whispered “Cullen! Cullen! Come to me!”
            Cullen’s pale face appeared, and he hissed “Yes, my queen?”
            “I have gotten rid of the servant girl.” Queen Leila said. “Are any more beautiful than me now?”
            “Nay, my queen.” Cullen hissed once more. “Your beauty is unapproachable.”
            “Good.” Queen Leila snapped. She set the mirror down and left the room troubled no more by Rosa’s loveliness.
            In a different part of the castle, another member of the nobility was also thinking about Rosa. Prince Owen sat in his room, wondering. His dinner had been late, and when he asked why, the servant had told him that Rosa, the kitchen maid, had disappeared.  He had controlled his emotions then, but now he could not seem to keep it up. He remembered how he had watched her from his window and marveled at her beauty and kindness. He thought about the many times he had wished that she was a princess or at least nobility so he could try to get to know her. So her name is Rosa. It fits her. Prince Owen shook his head. I shouldn’t be thinking about her this way. He tried to banish her from his thoughts, but try as he might; she still kept skipping through his thoughts and dancing through his dreams.
            Down in the kitchen, Mandy wondered what Rosa was doing. I hope she’s safe. The huntsman said she’d gotten away unharmed, but what if something happened to her after she left? Mandy shook her head. Rosa was beyond her help now. Mandy could only hope that she was safe now, safe forever.

And now, since that chapter was incredibly short, I shall also post the next chapter!

Chapter Eight
The next morning. . .
            The first rays of sunlight filtered through the leaves and amber striped walls. It danced around the room and fell gently on Rosa’s face. She stirred. What time is it? It can’t be time to get up already, can it? She snuggled deeper into the soft bed, pulling the leaf-green covers up to her chin. A voice filtered up through the floorboards, and woke Rosa up a bit. She listened and realized that it was not one voice, but several voices. She listened intently, determined to figure out who the speakers were.
            “Well,” said one voice, “This is strange.” Rosa thought the voice sounded honey-sweet and full of kindness, like the voice of her favorite castle singer, only far nicer.
            “It is strange indeed.” agreed a second voice. “Has someone else come here?” This voice was deeper, but still kind, like it belonged to a woodland king.
            “This means danger!” exclaimed another voice, this one suspicious and dangerous sounding. “None but ourselves can enter the clearing without dark magic.”
            Then one more voice spoke. “Are you sure? Has it been tried? Perhaps others of our folk may enter by themselves and without hindrance.” This voice was small, but clear and sweet-sounding, and Rosa thought she liked it best.
            The woodland king voice spoke again. “Your idea is a good one, but there are no other elves in the area, and they would not enter without one of us.”
            The singer voice answered him. “When was the last time you investigated that? You have not looked since our sister left. Maybe there are others who we do not know of!”
            The suspicious voice said “Still, how do we know? And where is the intruder? Did he or she come and go?”
            “Nay,” replied the singer voice, “There was no sign of exit in our web, only entry. Whoever it is has not left the clearing.”
            “Then he or she must be upstairs.” the small voice commented.  “But it was certainly kind of whoever it was to clean our home, was it not?”
            “Aye, it was kind.” replied the woodland king voice. “Now, let us go upstairs and see who this kind personage is.”
            Rosa sat straight up, wondering what to do. There was no place to hide, and going outside would offer no escape, for she heard them mounting the rope ladder. She finally decided that her best and only choice was to stay where she was. A few minutes later, the owners of the four voices entered.

Who do the voices belong to? Are they friend or foe? Is Rosa really as safe as Mandy hopes she is? To find out, check back soon for Chapter Nine! Until then, please comment and tell me what you think!
Update: Chapter Nine is up!

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