Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rosa Chapter Ten

Hello, all! Ready for more of Rosa? If so, good, because I’m posting Chapter Ten right now! Need a refresher? Here’s the link to Chapter Nine! And now, one with the tale!

Chapter Ten
When Rosa finished her tale, an awkward silence filled the room. For several minutes, no one spoke. Then, the shorter man spoke. “Well, Rosa,” he said, “It seems that I, Panthal, owe you an apology, and an explanation. Your mother was our sister, my twin sister to be exact. When she left and married the king, I was almost heartbroken, for it was as if she had died to me.” Panthal paused, overcome with emotion.
            Rosa saw his sadness, and softly spoke. “I’m sorry. You must miss her so much more than I do.”
            Panthal smiled weakly at her, and Rosa saw that it was the smile of one who had not smiled in many years. “Tis alright. It’s not your fault.” He straightened up from his slump and continued. “I didn’t think that she had fallen for the right person, and it seems I was right. Her heart must’ve broken.” He paused again, and then quickly began again. “I know your tale must be true, for you would not otherwise be able to pass the web, and-“he swallowed, and then said in a whisper “You look so much like her. I am sorry for what I thought about you. I should have found out the truth first.”
            Rosa smiled at him. “It’s alright. I probably would’ve thought the same if I had been in your place.” Her brow furrowed as a thought struck her. “I thought my mother’s name was Ellen.”
            “It was.” replied Lord Alanal.
            “Then why did you call her Ellenellë?” asked Rosa.
            “Ellenellë is Ellen in the Allë can’s version of the Elfin-tongue!” Skyellë laughed. “The main difference from other tongues, name wise anyway, is that you add “al” onto the end of male names and “ellë” onto the end of female names.”
            Rosa’s brow furrowed as she thought this through. “So,” she slowly said, “My name in the Elfin-tongue would be Rosaellë?”
            Skyellë laughed again. “Exactly. Only, it’s the Allë clan’s version of the Elfin-tongue.”
            “What’s the difference?” Rosa asked.
            “Only the name endings are different.” Lady Clarellë told her. “All the other words are the same.”
            Lord Alanal cleared his throat. “Pardon my interruption,” he said, “But we have yet to discuss what we are going to do about Rosa, and what she is going to do herself.”
            Panthal leaped forward. “If Rosa wishes, she should be allowed to stay with us!” he exclaimed. “She is, after all, Ellenellë’s daughter.”
            Lord Alanal frowned. “Is this what all of you think?” he asked, looking at Lady Clarellë and Skyellë.
            Lady Clarellë nodded, and Skyellë exclaimed “Of course!”
            “What of Leila?” asked Lord Alanal. “If Rosa is traced here, she may put us all in danger.” His brow furrowed, worrying Rosa.
            Will I be sent away? She nervously wondered.
            Lady Clarellë spoke. “If Rosa does not travel beyond the web, it is very unlikely that Leila will ever find her. She will be safe here, as we have been for years.”
            Lord Alanal looked at Rosa. “Would you be willing to stay within the web?” he asked her.
            “Yes!” cried Rosa, barely able to contain herself.
            “Then it is settled.” Lady Clarellë said, firmly. “Rosa shall stay with us.”

What will happen next? Will Rosa stay safe, or will more trouble come her way? Check back next time to find out! In the meantime, please comment with your opinions on my story. I’d love to hear what you think!
Update: Chapter Eleven is up!

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