Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rosa Chapter Twelve

Hi, everyone! I’ve returned, with more of Rosa! Need a refresher? Here’s Chapter Eleven! And now, without further ado, here is Chapter Twelve! Enjoy!

Chapter Twelve
The next morning . . .
            The sun shone brightly through the amber striped wall of the elves’ tree house. It danced across the lower room and fell on Rosa, who was busily sweeping the floor in a ceaseless battle against the leaves that were continually blowing in. Suddenly, she stopped as a voice wafted its way up to her. “Excuse me?” the voice said. “Is anyone home?” It was the voice of a young woman, sweet and low. “Hello?’ it called once more. “Hello?”
            Rosa quickly left the room and climbed down the rope ladder. Then, with her feet firmly on the ground, she surveyed the owner of the voice.
            The person was a young woman, probably in her mid to late twenties. She had short, curly, black hair, and her eyes were a blue-black color, which Rosa had often admired. The woman’s skin was pale, but not as pale as some skin. “Do you live here?” she asked, pulling back her hair to reveal a pointed ear.
            Rosa frowned. Something about her doesn’t seem right. She shook her head. It’s probably just my imagination. Besides, no one dangerous can get in here. Out loud, she said “Yes. Why do you ask?”
            The woman smiled. “I brought this as a gift to you and the others who live here.” she said, holding up a basket of fruit.
            Rosa’s mouth watered as she caught sight of the two plums nestled in with the apples, pears, and peaches. “Thank you.” she said, taking the basket.
            “Don’t mention it.” The woman turned to leave.
            Rosa turned as well, than suddenly turned back around. “What did you say your name was?” Rosa called.
            “Nightblossom.” the woman answered without looking back. Rosa turned, satisfied. She didn’t see the black flash that rippled outward through the web when the woman passed through.
            Holding the basket of fruit in one hand, Rosa climbed up the rope ladder and back into the tree house. She set the basket on the table, glancing longingly at the plums. Just one won’t hurt, and they look so delicious . . .  Rosa reached out, grabbed a plum, and bit into it, filling her mouth with the sweet fruit. She swallowed, and was about to take another bite when a burning sensation suddenly began in her throat. Setting the plum down, she dashed across the room. She poured herself a glass of water from a small pitcher. She quickly drank it, but it did no good. Her throat began feeling tight, and she started to feel dizzy. She fought the feelings, but to no avail. Rosa fell to the floor, unconscious and barely breathing.

And now I have something special: Chapter Thirteen! I’m posting it in honor of St. Patrick’s Day (not that it has anything to do with the day) and in honor of the exceptionally warm day we’re having today. (I’m wearing SHORT SLEEVES!) So, without any more introduction from me, Chapter Thirteen!

Chapter Thirteen
Hours passed, and Rosa did not stir. Below, all went on as usual. After a while, Lord Alanal, Lady Clarellë, Panthal, and Skyellë returned. Sensing that something was wrong, they gathered under the oak to decide what to do.
            “Something is wrong.”  Skyellë said. “Rosa has not called her usual greeting.”
            “Aye,” agreed Lady Clarellë, “And the web showed signs of a dark entry and exit.”
            “Could Leila have found Rosa?” asked Lord Alanal.
            “It doesn’t matter!” declared Panthal. “We need to make sure Rosa is alright and discover if the intruder has entered our house.”
            “I agree!” exclaimed Skyellë.
            “As do I.” added Lady Clarellë. “Whoever it was is not here anymore, so it is safe for us.”
            “Very well.” Lord Alanal replied. “Panthal, you are the quickest on your feet and the best warrior and healer. You lead. I will come next, then Lady Clarellë, then Skyellë. Agreed?” 
            The others nodded, and they began the climb, wondering what had happened and if Rosa was unharmed.
            As the four entered the room on the first level, they all gasped at the sight of Rosa lying motionless on the floor. “Is she . . . dead?” asked Skyellë, hesitantly.
            Panthal strode over to where Rosa lay. He took a small dagger from his belt and held it before her nose and mouth. “She is not quite dead.” he said, looking at the light mist on the bright metal blade. “She is holding onto life, but only by a thread.” He rose and looked at the others. “Alanal, will you help me carry Rosa to the top room?”
            “Do you mean the gem room?” Skyellë gasped.
            “Aye.” replied Panthal, thinking of the bright gems embedded in the ceiling and walls of the uppermost room. The gems had healing qualities, and the sunlight that filtered through them could heal almost anything. Rosa will need all those healing powers, and then some to stay alive. Then, he snapped out of his thoughts and turned to Lady Clarellë and Skyellë. “Clarellë, will you go to the castle Rosa came from and tell Mandy of Rosa’s peril?”
            “With a good will.” replied Lady Clarellë, turning to leave.
            “Skyellë, I need you to stay here and prepare whatever medicines we may need, and I may need your help in other ways as well.” Panthal told her, as he bent to help Lord Alanal carry Rosa.
            Skyellë sighed, and then replied “Very well.” As she watched her family disappear in various directions, questions filled her mind. She tried to push them down, but two kept resurfacing. They were Will Rosa be alright? And What will happen to us if Leila has found our home?

What will happen next? Will Rosa survive? Will Leila wreck more havoc on the elves? To find out, check back next time! In the meantime, please comment and tell me what you think! I’d love to hear your opinions!
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Update: Chapter Fourteen is up!


  1. So far I love the story: I would suggest adding more about the entry web. I don't know if you enplaned it elsewhere but the elves mentioned seeing the black on the web. If you did want to add something it could be added to when the Elves first meet Rosa. Oh and nice green.


  2. Thanks for commenting, Jessica, and thank you for pointing that out! I added something in Chapter Nine ( about it. I'm glad you like my story (and my green)!


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