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Rosa Chapter Nine

Hi, everyone! I’m back with more of Rosa! Need a refresher or new to my blog? Here’s the link to Chapters Seven and Eight! And now, Chapter Nine!

Chapter Nine
The first to enter was a tall man with dark brown hair. His face held a kingly look, and his dark blue eyes seemed to be wells of unending wisdom, as old as the forest, or maybe even older. He did not seem to be surprised to see Rosa sitting in a bed in his house.  The only emotion he showed was a flash of wonder in his eyes, but that was there one second and gone the next.
            The next one to come in was a shorter man. He had blue-black hair that shimmered and shone, and sharp violet eyes. When he entered, a look of immense surprise came over his face, but he quickly returned to his original, guarded expression.
            The third person to enter was a tall lady with long, flowing, golden-brown hair. Her eyes were dark green, and her face held the look of a great queen. She showed no surprise at Rosa, but smiled kindly at her. Her long gown was far more interesting than the men’s tunics, pants, and capes. It was blue and green, and looked as if it had silver threads running through the bodice. Her long, silver cape flowed about her like a waterfall, and Rosa was awed by her.
            The last to enter was much smaller than the others. Tiny and delicate, she looked like she might fly away in a moment. Her bright blue eyes and golden hair reminded Rosa of the summer sky, and the long, sleeveless, blue dress she wore looked to be a fragment of the sky. Her creamy cape added to her appearance of a bit of sky, for it floated about her like a cloud. She too smiled at Rosa, and looked like she had expected to see her there.
            There they were, Rosa sitting in a bed, feeling embarrassed and shocked, and the four who lived in the house standing in front of the huge tree trunk rising from the center of the room, and looking at her with various expressions. Finally, one of them spoke. “Who are you, girl?” the shorter man asked. “What are you doing in our home?”
            Rosa recognized his voice as the suspicious voice. “I’m sorry, sir.” she said. “I didn’t realize this was your home. I was just trying to escape the wolves.”
            The tall lady smiled at Rosa. “It’s alright, child.” she said. “But you still have not told us who you are.”
            She has the singer voice. I guess the other man must be the one who sounds like a king, and the sky-maid is the one with the small voice. They look like their voices! Oh no! She asked me a question!  “I’m Rosa, a kitchen maid in Aren Castle.”
            The four looked at each other, and then the tall man spoke. “I am Lord Alanal, eldest in the clan of Allë.  How did you, Rosa, a kitchen maid in the castle of Aren, pass our web?”
            Rosa looked at him, perplexed. “What web?”
            The tall lady laughed, and said “Did you not feel as if you were passing through a wall of water when you entered the clearing? That was our web, which I, Lady Clarellë, made. It is a magical wall that surrounds our clearing, which is mostly invisible except for a slight shimmer in the air. Until you came, we thought that none but ourselves could pass the web without help from us. So, why can you enter our clearing?”
            Rosa looked down, ashamed. “I don’t know.” she said, sadly. “I don’t know why.” She looked up at them again. “I’m sorry, but I just don’t know.”
            The shorter man snorted, and Lord Alanal looked at him sharply. “Peace, brother.” he whispered. “It is not your time to speak.”
            As this happened, a thought struck Rosa. “Are you . . .  elves?” she asked hesitantly.
            The sky-maid laughed. “Of course!  What else would we be?  Miss Rosa, even I, Skyellë, youngest in the Allë clan, know better than to ask silly questions!”
            Rosa looked down, abashed at her ignorance.  Lady Clarellë saw Rosa’s movement and smiled at her.
            “Do not be ashamed, Rosa.” she said, soothingly. “Skyellë sometimes neglects to think before she speaks. You could hardly have known who we were.”
            Rosa looked up again, encouraged. “I just wanted to know, because my mother was an elf, and I thought that maybe if you were elves, you could tell me about her. And, you don’t exactly seem like humans.”
            The shorter man leaped forward, away from Lord Alanal’s restraining hand. “What was your mother’s name?” he asked, breathlessly.
            “Her name was Lady Ellen.” Rosa said, a bit frightened.
            Lord Alanal frowned.  “Ellenellë left us long ago. We have had no news of her having a child. Also, if you are her daughter, why did she not come with you?”
            A single tear dropped from Rosa’s eye. “My mother died when I was very little. I did not know who she was, or who I was, until yesterday.” She poured out the whole story, her voice trembling.

Who are these elves? Why are they so interesting in Rosa’s mother? To find out, check back Thursday for Chapter Ten of Rosa: A Snow-White Remake! In the meantime, please comment and tell me what you think! I’d love to hear your opinions!

Update: Chapter Ten is up!

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